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Panadol are as passionate about the power of nature as we are scientific research. That’s why we launched our PanaNatra range – and why we want to share how these naturally-derived active ingredients work and what types of pain they help manage.

Discover how naturally sourced ingredients like Curcumin, Ashwagandha and Boswellia can be used in modern times to help relieve mild pain. Then, learn ways to manage common pain conditions at home, naturally.

Discover how naturally sourced pain relief products work

Empower yourself to manage mild aches and pains with the healing power of nature and knowledge provided by PanaNatra.

Naturally derived medicines have been used globally for thousands of years. Our PanaNatra pain relief range is powered by naturally-derived active ingredients like Curcumin, Ashwagandha and Boswellia to help you manage your pain and get relief. Learn how these ingredients were used traditionally and how science has highlighted their use in modern times.

We also investigate the causes of common, ache and pains. Learn natural remedies for common pain conditions and easy movements that will help you find relief.

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Learn how Ashwagandha, Ayurvedic medicine’s healing herb, can help calm the nervous system to promote Sleep and help provide relief from mild pain.


Find out how Boswellia can help reduce body inflammation and improve mobility for mild Joint and Muscle Pain Relief.

Curcumin and Turmeric

Modern science proves why Turmeric extract Curcumin was used to naturally relieve pain and soreness in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

How to Sleep Better

Discover the common causes of sleepless nights and learn how to conquer it with natural remedies.

Natural-based Medicine

Natural medicine has been used for thousands of years. Learn about its history and scientifically-researched natural remedies that work.

Mild Osteoarthritis

Discover the causes of mild osteoarthritis and learn how to combat it with natural remedies.

Muscle Pain

Discover the most common causes of muscle pain and learn ways to relieve it at home, naturally. 

Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are usually caused by overtraining. Learn natural remedies to help you relieve mild pain and stiffness.

Mild Joint Pain

Learn about the most common causes of mild joint pain. Then, discover actionable lifestyle habits and natural remedies that provide relief.

Lower Back Pain

Short- or long-term issues can cause lower back pain. Learn about the differences as well as natural methods to soothe the pain.

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PanaNatra Naturally-derived Pain Relief Options

Find relief from mild joint aches, pains and sleeplessness with PanaNatra’s scientifically researched natural active formulas.

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Mature lady holding a cup of tea looking out from balcony

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Overcome mild aches and pains and reconnect with your vitality. Find stockists here.

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